Digital Marketing as quickly become the easiest and most profitable way to market your business, whether you are business with a local reach or a budding entrepreneur, trying to promote their business on the national stage. Your success in online marketing begins with your goals – your ideal client, your products or services and your timeline.

That’s where Wilson Digital Marketing steps in by giving you the practical online marketing practices to help you implement your business goals. The world of digital marketing can be confusing – and frankly, expensive – if you don’t know how to advertise. We can give you the best resources and tools for online advertising.

  • We listen! During our FREE consultations, we take your objectives and formulate a marketing strategy for your review.

  • We implement! We know you don’t have time to spend hours marketing your business online. Let our team of experts do the heavy lifting for you.

  • We monitor! Our software allows us to monitor your online presence in real time, giving us the ability to respond to your potential clientele or customer base within a short time span.

Paid Promotion / Advertising

Direct advertising? Google Adwords? Sponsored Posts? The realm of online advertising can be confusing and expensive if you don’t know how to properly utilize it.

We take your business goals into consideration and advise you on the proper medium for online advertising.

Studies prove that online advertising proves cost effective if done correctly. Our online marketing experts know which medium to use to effectively market to your key audience. With the rise of direct marketing, we can make sure that your promotions reach your ideal clients.

Social Media Management

What social media accounts does your business need? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIN, Google+, SnapChat, etc? Each social media platform has a specific function and demographic. Let us help you identify and effectively use the ones best for your business.

We can create a social media presence or manage an established account with ease. We upgrade your online images, making sure the aesthetic look of your social media accounts is high-quality.

We then implement a scheduled calendar of posts centered around your businesses’ upcoming events, promotions or specials.

Regular communication between Wilson Digital Marketing and your business is key to your success. We aim to best represent your business.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Your website is the foundation of your online presence and what you put on that most often website dictates how people find you. Let our SEO experts create content that helps you get found by those you want to find you.

We walk you through the process of formatting or reformatting your website in ways conducive to popular search results.

There is not perfect formula for SEO, but we strive to give you the best possible opportunity to be found on search engine result pages.

No website? No problem. We contract with a low-hassle, high-quality website designer who translates your business into an easy-to-navigate website.