Your SEO score is a reflection of how well your website is working for you. Not only does it aid in the quantity of potential clients to your website but the quality as well. 

Using SEO tools and best practices, Wilson Digital Marketing can help your website bring more quality customers to your door. 

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Is your website secure?

Find out the easy way: Look at your website's complete URL. 

Does it have a http or a https?

That "s" means you have a SSL certificate. Its especially important for those websites that solicit personal information, but search engines like this designation regardless.


First, you want to get rid of all the broken links on your website. How do you find them? With a WDM audit, of course. Second, you need other reputable websites to link to your website. 

Is your website mobile optimized?

The majority on online users visit a website on a mobile device. If your website isn't formatted to accommodate them, then your website will not be user-friendly!

This factor will matter even more starting  in March as Google will put more weight behind this factor. 

How's your user experience?

How bouncy is your website? 

We mean how many people click on your website, become unsatisfied with the information and "bounce" back to the search results page? 

It matters. 

Does your website load slowly?

Page speed matters!  While search engines factor in speed time, your potential customers aren't willing to wait around for your page to load. Mere seconds is all you have to convince them of your online integrity. 

We make sure your page runs quickly and smoothly. 

Is your content optimized?

Great content is great, but the team at WDM further elevates your videos, pictures and graphics by optimizing them using keyword research specific to your company and advertising goals. 

Does your website include popular keyword phrases?

Sure you know all the technical jargon in your industry but do you know the wording that your potential customers are using when they search for a business within your business category?

What about your social media?

While you may not be a personal fan of social media, your company's social media footprint has an impact on your website's exposure. Let us get your social media presence up to snuff.